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B.A. in English Curriculum

(Leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English)

Core Curriculum I – IV (42 Hours)

English majors must take World History course sequence (HIS 131-132).

Preprofessional, Major and Elective Courses (21 Hours)
ENG 218 Intermediate Composition (3)
ENG 219 Introduction to Research Methods (3)
PHL363 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
PHL364 Introduction to Ethics (3)
CIS 205 Introduction to Computer Information Systems (3)
CSC 210 Introduction to Computer Science (3)
PHL201 Logical Reasoning (3)

Required Major Courses (30 Hours)
Major Requirements [Category I]
ENG 219 Introduction to Research Methods (3)
ENG 240 Introduction to Literary Theory (3)
ENG 423 Shakespeare (3)

Literature [Category II]
Students must choose 12 hours from among the following courses:
ENG 321 Early British Literature (3)
ENG 322 Early Modern British Literature, excl Shakespeare (3)
ENG 323 Restoration and Enlightenment (3)
ENG 324 Nineteenth-Century British Literature* (3)
ENG 325 Modern and Contemporary British Literature* (3)
ENG 331 Colonial and Early National American Literature (3)
ENG 332 Nineteenth-Century American Literature* (3)
ENG 333 Modern and Contemporary American Literature* (3)
*(choose either 324 or 332; choose either 325 or 333)

Special Topics [Category III]
Students must choose one course from the following:
ENG 307 African American Literature (3)
ENG 340, 341 Special Topics in Literary Theory (3)
ENG 360, 361 Special Topics in Gender Studies (3)
ENG 370, 371 Special Topics in Multicultural Literature (3)
ENG 440, 441 Special Topics in Literature in Translation (3)

Seminars [Category IV]
Students must choose one course from the following:
ENG 418, 419 Seminar in Writing and Rhetoric (3)
ENG 444, 341 Seminar in Critical Theory (3)
ENG 460, 461 Seminar on Topics in Literature (3)

Major Course Elective (3 Hours)

Minor Courses (18 Hours)

Foreign Language (12 Hours)
Students are to take all credits in one foreign language.

General Elective(s) (3 Hours)
Courses in this category are to be chosen in consultation with one’s major adviser.


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