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Minor in Gerontology

The Department of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences at Alabama State University offers the minor/certificate program in Gerontology. This minor is ideal for students who wish to develop a background in issues related to adult development and aging.

View program information and curriculum for ASU’s minor/certificate program in Gerontology:

Required Courses 6 Hours
PSY356 Psychology of Aging (3)
SOC 355 Sociology of Death and Dying (3)
SOC 404 Sociology of Aging (3)

Select Any Combination of Three (3) Courses Below (9)

SOC 353 Abnormal Psychology (3)
SOC 371 Social Psychology (3)
SOC 445 Population and Society (3)
SOC 462 The Socially Disadvantaged (3)
SOC 470 The Sociology of Health and Illness (3)
PSY424 Gender Issues in Psychology (3)

HEA252 Consumer Health (3)
HEA258 Health and Nutrition (3)
HEA301 Human Sexuality (3)
HEA460 Special Topics in Health Education (3)

Therapeutic Recreation:
REC 300 Professional Foundations of Recreational Therapy (3)
REC 345 Introduction to Recreation and Leisure (3)
REC 401 Clinical Issues in Trends in Recreational Therapy (3)
REC 448 Recreational Therapy for Selected Populations (3)

Physical Education:
PED 350 Physiology of Exercise (3)
PED 355 Physical Activities for Aging (3)
PED 456 Motor Learning and Development (3)


NOTE: Students who are majoring in any areas within the Department of Social Work cannot count courses twice (for both their major and gerontology minor). Students either will need to take additional electives to fulfill the major and minor requirements separately, or if minor courses are major requirements, they will need to take courses in other departments to fulfill minor requirements.

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