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CJSS Programs


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Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Alabama State University equips criminal justice majors with a solid understanding of the institutions, processes and current practices in the administration of criminal justice. The program encourages critical thinking and promotes the research, communication and professional skills necessary to pursue graduate and professional study in the area of criminal justice or pursue career opportunities in criminal justice, government, education and business.

As a criminal justice major, you’ll learn the basis of criminology through a diverse range of courses on juvenile justice, social problems, corrections and more. Then, you’ll take the knowledge gained in the classroom and apply it in practice through real-world internships at local and state agencies such as the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office or the National Park Service.

For criminal justice majors with an interest in the corrections field, ASU is proud to offer students the opportunity to train as corrections officers while still enrolled at ASU, through an innovative partnership with the Alabama Department of Corrections.

Delilah Dotremon
Professor of Criminal Justice
Convener of Criminal Justice Program

Office: Room #1300 Carter Hill Road, Old Medical Building
Phone: (334) 229-8349

Geography (Minor)

The Geography courses in the Department of Criminal Justice provide examinations of the earth in terms of the land, the people and the culture. Current events are integrated into the course as a reinforcement tool. Maps are introduced and explained, and students are instructed in the basic skills necessary for their use and understanding. World landforms, bodies of water, climate and climate regions are presented. Major physical features of the earth are introduced, and the student is required to have an in-depth knowledge about the location and significance of these factors. Honors sections of this course are offered each semester for students enrolled in the Honors Program.

Ram Alagan
Associate Professor of Geography

Convener of Geography Program

Office: Room #122 A Paterson Hall
Phone: (334) 229-8535

Sociology (Minor)

Get your Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Alabama State University, and develop a sound understanding of culture, social behavior and social change as they exist on local, national and global scales. You’ll also acquire the ability to apply theoretical frameworks and methodological tools for analysis of each of the traditional foundations of social life.

As a sociology major, you will study human behavior and social issues with coursework on relationships, juvenile delinquency and race relations. Through a variety of internships at local and state organizations, you’ll have the opportunity to put theory into action.

With the B.A. in Sociology from ASU, you’ll be prepared for graduate and professional study in sociology and related fields and for professional employment in social welfare, education or government.

Brenda Marshall
Associate Professor of Sociology
Convener of SociologyProgram


Room: #1300 Carter Hill Road, Old Medical Building
Phone: (334) 229-4488


CJSS Home Chair's Welcome2 CJSS Programs1 CJS People CJSS events3 cjss contact


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