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Magna Publications provides free, unlimited campus-wide access to more than 100 professional development seminars with additional monthly updates.

Alabama State University has Magna Commons and 20 Minute Mentor Subscriptions

As a member of our campus community this online resource from Magna Publications is available at no cost to you. Since 1972 Magna has been a leading provider of higher education professional development resources.  In particular, this online learning tool was selected for Alabama State University campus community because of its continuous accessibility to up-to-date resources trending in higher education. Topics such as reducing retention rates, increasing graduation rates, and enhancing student achievement are constantly addressed.  Sign up today and help energize your higher education career.

For access, email for the Authorization Code. Please do not share the Authorization Code with anyone outside of the campus community.  If you require technical assistance, please feel free to contact the Customer Service at Magna Publications directly at 800-433-0499 Ext. 2. All other questions, comments, and/or concerns can be addressed by a CIEPS staff member at 334-229-8664 or



Alabama State University has an EDUCAUSE Subscription 

EDUCAUSE actively engages with colleges and universities, corporations, foundations, government, and other nonprofit organizations to further the mission of transforming higher education through the use of information technology (IT). Through various programs and activities, EDUCAUSE contribute to thought leadership on major issues, help clarify the current environment, document effective practices, and highlight how emerging trends and technologies may influence the evolution of information technology in higher education.

EDUCAUSE programs and resources include professional development activities; print and electronic publications, including books and EDUCAUSE Review, the nonprofit's flagship magazine; advocacy; teaching and learning initiatives; data, research, and analytics; special interest communities; awards; and extensive online information services. IT is more than technology to EDUCAUSE members. It is a system of people, processes, organizations, and challenges that are constantly evolving.

For access, click here to create an EDUCAUSE account profile (username and password). This username and password will be required to gain access to some areas of the EDUCAUSE Web site. By keeping your profile up-to-date, you will be alerted to new resources and developments that match your professional interests.

For additional information, please contact a CIEPS staff member at 334-229-8664 or oford@alasu.

Texas Higher Education


Authorization has been given from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for CIEPS to share its Professional Development Modules with the campus community at Alabama State University. This free service has been designed to benefit instructors of all disciplines. The modules consist of instructional examples, teaching tips, recommended reading, current pedagogical scholarship, active learning teaching strategies, and classroom activities that have been proven to improve higher education instruction. There are six online professional development modules available 24/7 for full-time and adjunct faculty to use on demand. This service is in alignment with the University’s mission and current direction and consists of training on topics ranging from critical thinking to foreign language teaching methods to online teaching.

The available modules are:

Critical Thinking
In this set of modules, instructors will be prepared with tested pedagogical techniques based upon the latest research that aid students in learning how to think critically, identify skills and problem areas, transfer skills across contexts, and reflect upon their thinking habits.

Foreign Language Teaching Methods
This component was designed with various video footage from an actual methods course held in Spring, 2009 at the University of Texas at Austin. Foreign language instructors can use the module to complement instruction in methods courses or for stand-alone courses for independent learning.

Reading Comprehension
Instructors will be provided insights into reading difficulties and effective strategies to improve reading comprehension skills in college courses across the disciplines.  

Online Teaching
Training will prepare faculty to teach online and hybrid/blended courses. It includes information on key issues in online education such as accessibility, creating an inviting online classroom, facilitating participation in an online environment, and various legal issues that pertain to online and hybrid education.

Understanding Data Analysis
These modules were designed to introduce data to new and beginner data consumers. This site provides information on how data can be useful to educators, on basic data terminology, where to find data that might inform your work, and how to present data as a graphic.

Making Decisions with Data
The instruction and resources included in these modules support the use of data-driven decision making in your daily work, whether you are a classroom teacher, administrator, or hold multiple roles. This method for using data to drive decision making has already led to major pedagogical innovations, such as Peer Instruction, developed by Dr. Eric Mazur of Harvard University.

The modules are located at Use of these professional development modules is free of charge and please follow any copyright restrictions.    

Magna Publications

Magna Laptop

Email for the authorization code
and further instructions for accessing Magna Publications.

How to Earn an ASU eLearning Certificate?

First, notify CIEPS via email at of your intention to participate in an online professional development exercise Secondly, once completing the exercise, submit a written summary to CIEPS via email emphasizing the learning gained from participating in the professional development. Please ensure writing is descriptive by including content from the online activity.

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