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CIEPS Assessment Committee

Another major role CIEPS plays is cultivating a culture of assessment at Alabama State University; and thereby, assisting with bringing to fruition the Standards for Academic Excellence defined by leaders of this institution. It is our goal to increase retention from the teaching and learning perspective through quality assurance processes that examine student performance.

Standards for Academic Excellence at Alabama State University

The clearly defined standards for academic excellence are: 

  1. faculty, students, staff and the administration taking personal responsibility to meet high standards both academically and morally;
  2. the continuous pursuit of improved performance by students in areas of academic outcomes, core competencies, and soft skills within an enriched learning environment, supported by the appropriate resources, including faculty and administrative support;
  3. supporting students effectively in their academic pursuits by daily applying the most effective pedagogical methods, while engaging in the constant production of research and creative activities;
  4. the efficient use of resources and adequate funding, technology and innovation; 
  5. achievement of demonstrated success and quality in terms of training and teaching students as demonstrated by student performance;
  6. students leaving with the disposition, skills, and knowledge required to be successful in any degree-granting program; and
  7. the standard of care for lifelong learning created by an educational community that supports the idea that knowledge is powerful and important and engage with intentionality and rigor in practices and processes such as critical thinking, research, community, professional and academic service, and other appropriate activities that exemplify this idea.


CIEPS Assessment Committee

CIEPS Assessment Committee (CAC) serves to enhance the learning environment through assessment. The purpose of CAC is to link campus-based curriculum planning and assessment efforts.

Faculty liaison meetings will take place bimonthly, every 3rd Tuesday of the month throughout the academic year.

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