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ASU Board of Trustees Nominating Committee

Composition of the Nominating Committee

Alabama Senate Bill 454 established a nominating committee for the purpose of evaluating and recommending applicants to the governor for appointment to the Alabama State University Board of Trustees. The nominating committee is independent from the Board of Trustees.

The composition of the nominating committee is made up of the following members:

        > One member of the Board as elected by the membership of the Board.
        > One member of the Faculty Senate as selected jointly by the Faculty Senate and the Staff Senate and certified
           to the committee by the president of the Faculty Senate and the president of the Staff Senate.
        > The president of the Student Government Association.
        > One member of the business community as selected by the Governor.
        > One member of the Montgomery County Legislative Delegation, as selected by the delegation.
        > The president of the National Alumni Association or his or her designee.
        > A community representative as selected by the membership of the nominating committee.

Trustee Nominating Process

When a vacancy on the Alabama State University Board of Trustees occurs, a notice will be posted on this website, and additional communication disseminated as needed via email and social media. The nominating committee will use the criteria below to as a guide to evaluating the applicants. Other factors will be used as needed.

        > Interest in and commitment to advancing the mission, welfare and growth of Alabama State University
        > Independence of thought and decision making
        > Capacity and willingness to make significant contributions and/or assist in the University’s fundraising efforts as
           means and time permit
        > An ability to recognize the ambiguous distinction between management and governance
        > Lack of potential conflict of interest
        > Commitment and ability to attend full Board meetings, committee meetings, workshops, commencement,
           other University functions


ASU Board of Trustees Composition 

The Board of Trustees for Alabama State University consists of the following:

        > Two (2) members who reside in Congressional District 2 of the State of Alabama
           as constituted on October 6, 1975;
        > One (1) member each who resides in Congressional Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the State of Alabama as
           constituted on October 6, 1975;
        > Four (4) members from the state at large who reside in different Congressional Districts of the State of Alabama
           (two of whom shall be non-minority members), as constituted on October 6, 1975;
        > Two (2) at-large members who may be selected from outside the state; and
        > The Governor.

Application for Nomination

Once a vacancy is declared on the Board of Trustees, all interested parties are encouraged to follow the application process below. Please click here for the application. Resume and letter of interest should be mailed to

Each applicant should expect to participate in a phone interview with the nominating committee members.


ASU Map of Congressional Districts

The Congressional Districts as constituted in the State of Alabama on October 6, 1975, are shown on the map below. The link to the state statute creating the Board of Trustees for Alabama State University, Section 16-50-20, Code of Alabama, is provided below.

Section 16-50-20, Code of Alabama



New District Map 2017











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