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About ASU's QEP

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)?

Alabama State University (ASU) is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Every ten years, SACS evaluates ASU to reaffirm the university’s accreditation. As a part of the reaffirmation process, we must develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) designed to improve the quality of student learning at the institution. A QEP is a carefully designed plan to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness by focusing on a key issue significant to the improvement of student learning outcomes.

What is ASU’s QEP?

The title of ASU’s QEP is “Enhancing the Culture of Learning Through Literacy in the First-Year Experience.” The goal is for the “ASU Graduate,” regardless of major, to be proficient in reading, writing, and computational skills and in gathering and using information effectively. To accomplish this goal, the QEP defines student learning outcomes for three literacy areas: reading and writing literacy, quantitative literacy, and information literacy. It presents a plan for intensive instruction in these literacy areas in core curriculum courses during the freshman year and for continuing literacy-focused instruction in selected courses in the major disciplines.

Why is the QEP Important to ASU?

Reading and writing, quantitative, and information literacy are essential to learning in all subjects and at all levels of education. With its early and continuing focus on these literacy areas, the QEP will help to achieve higher levels of student performance and promote the students’ successful academic progression from admission through graduation. It will further help to create self-directed, life-long learners with stronger capacity for succeeding in our rapidly changing and increasingly complex world community.

Who Developed ASU’s QEP?

ASU’s QEP was developed by teams of faculty, staff, and students. As a basis for the QEP design, the participants solicited input through campus surveys, focus groups, and consultations with educators and employers in the community. Team members also reviewed literature and best practices in education and evaluated ASU student performance data.

Important Points about the QEP:

  • Foundational literacy instruction in required core courses (mostly in University College)
  • Continuation and reinforcement instruction in selected courses in the majors
  •  A QEP director and a QEP steering committee responsible for implementation
  •  Faculty teams responsible for defining competencies and developing courses
  •  Involvement on teams by faculty from all colleges on campus 
  •  Assessment by internal and external (standardized) measures
  •  Supported by administration and other institutional constituents
  •  Based in research, best practices, and literacy standards for higher education
  •  Developed by teams of faculty, staff, and students at ASU
  •  QEP impact report to be submitted to SACS in five years  

Significance of QEP:

The QEP is not just a requirement for reaffirmation of accreditation, although this is important! The QEP also brings “transforming improvements in the quality of student learning”! Thus, the QEP provides critical support of the institution’s strategic plan, Vision 2020: The Alabama State University Transformation Plan.

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